Filmmakers & Storytellers

Our team of professional filmmakers are the ultimate multi-taskers, preparing and operating the camera and all of the equipment that comes with it.


Framing and composing the perfect shot is no small feat, not to mention staying on top of the theoretical and technical knowledge needed to get the best results.


Our operators are reliable, cooperative and experienced – just the people you want by your side on your next film project.

They also come with their own kit!

Drone And Aerial Video


Aerial photography presents a great opportunity for brands to elevate their video content and increase the production value of their films.

Based in Bristol, Wild Rice Films is highly regarded as one of the leading Independent drone filming companies by clients around the globe.


All  of our drone equipment records in stunning  4K resolution and is fully stabilised to give a smooth, seamless shot. All of our operators are fully licensed and experienced professionals.

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Lighting Technicians

The right lighting has the power to take your video from ‘blah’ to brilliant.


The role of a lighting technician involves much more than just flipping a switch – they’re responsible for all of the lighting equipment on set, which could include rigging and operating hundreds of lights.


For a sleek and professional studio production, hiring a knowledgeable lighting technician is a must.

Video Editing & Post-Production

Ultimately, the success or failure of your video project lies in the hands of your editor – their sense of timing, their visual awareness, and their attention to detail.

A lot goes into assembling the raw material from a film shoot into a finished product that’s ready to share with the world. It’s the transformation of scattered footage into a coherent story, complete with graphics, sound, and visual effects.


Our highly skilled video editors are experienced pros, working with some of the most powerful and popular editing software out there.

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Video production, documentary or video marketing

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