• Richard Davies

Rich Davies fundraises for Kilimanjaro Mountain Workers: Covid-19 Relief.

The tourist industry across East Africa and beyond has taken a hammering due to COVID-19.

Our very own, Rich Davies has created a Go Fund Me campaign for the Mount Kilimanjaro Guides and Porters who have been directly affected by Covid-19.

The tourist industry across East Africa and beyond has taken a hammering due to COVID-19 and unlike the UK, they do not have government schemes to lend a helping hand. Rich Davies, filmmaker and owner of the Bristol production company Wild Rice Films, is hoping to raise £100,000 for the guides and porters of Kili Treks, a mountaineering company who organises and ensures the safety and journey of some of the 30,000 climbers of Mount Kilimanjaro every year.

In 2016, Rich was hired as a filmmaker by the Mayo Clinic to make a short documentary about a medical research expedition to the summit. The Mayo Clinic’s aim was to discover more about the effects of altitude on the body. It was during this 10-day expedition that Rich became friends with his porter Loy Justin. Loy was hired to carry Rich's second camera bag to the summit and was such an excellent companion to him along the way. Rich and Loy have stayed in touch since the trip and it was the current situation in Tanzania the inspired Rich to try and help.

The fundraiser is being supported by Kili Treks, the company who organised the logistics for the medical expedition. Kili Treks has just over 100 mountain workers on its roster. With Covid-19 shutting down the mountain, tourism and respectively, these families incomes, we believe its now our turn to help. By donating to this fund, you are not only providing support to 100 guides and porters, but to the livelihood of 100 families. The money raised will be used to support the guides, porters and cooks of Kilimanjaro who have lost their incomes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We want to remove the obvious concerns which these families face and help support them survive this lockdown period. The funds will be used for food supplies, medical treatment and to support small scale farming and agriculture which will in turn provide sustainable incomes until the tourists are able to return in 2021.

We feel it's important to start providing support as quickly as we can. These mountain workers now face a new threat with the lack of available work and it's important to provide financial assistance to keep these mountain workers afloat until the season reopens in 2021.

Please do check out the fundraising video and If you would like to donate please please follow the link here -


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