Historic England



Famous faces from TV and radio go on journeys of discovery to historic locations across the country in a series of short films - called Uncover More - being launched by Historic England to spark curiosity in the nation’s heritage. 

The videos feature some of the fascinating people and places that have been helped by grants from the Culture Recovery Fund during the pandemic. They have been created to motivate people to find out more about heritage for themselves


- 3 x 5 Min Hero Films

- 3 x 1 Min Social Cut Downs

- 6 x 30 Sec Social Cut Downs

- 3 x 15 Sec Social Cut Downs

Each social film was optimised for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Square and Instagram Landscape Ratio's.


Production Company: Wild Rice Films

Director // Cinematographer: Rich Davies
Producer // Production Manager: Grace Garvin
Photographer: Artur Tixiliski 
Talent:  Oti Mabuse / Rev Kate Bottley / Monty Halls & Family

Kit Supplier:  Wild Rice Films

Shot On: Kinefinity Mavo LF

- Full Creative Pre-Production, Story planning and Talent Selection

- Full Production

- Post-Production

- Colour Grade

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